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Genesis Referee Program - FALL 2022

      LOTG Course (2 1/2 hours)  29AUG @ 9am at SCP pavillion  

      Field Course (1 hr) 30 AUG @ 9am at SCP field

      Refs are certified after game observations and a scrimmage.

For more information and to register:

              please contact Maria Mpelkas @ jmpelkas@yahoo.com


LOTG 2021-2022 Amendments - Effective JUNE 2021

Clarification for handball and summary of other changes found here


LOTG 2020-2021 Amendments - Effective JUNE 2020

There are a number of minor changes and clarifications.

Summary of changes can be found here


Practical Guidelines for Match Officials

   Important information found in IFAB 2019-2020 LOTG

    Found on pages 193-222 - check it out!


LOTG 2019-2020 Amendments - Effective JUNE 2019

A number of changes are in effect for Fall 2019

Summary of amendment changes found here


Ask, Tell, Dismiss has been replaced with Ask, YC (caution) and RC (sending-off)

Team officials will now be shown cards.  If the specific offender can not be identified, then the head team official will be shown the appropriate card.



If the referee believes a player may have sustained a concussion, the player will be told to leave the match and may not return to play. Players, coaches and parents must NOT dispute the decision! NVYSL referees have received concussion education and have been instructed to err on the side of caution.  Concussions may occur even without a direct blow to the head and symptoms may not be immediately apparent. You can review the concussion training at the following:        



NVYSL Grade 5/6 and lower games, heading will result in an IDFK.


NEW US Soccer Initiatives for US Youth Soccer

U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative (January 2016)

Specific changes to rules on heading for youth players. U.S. Soccer modifications to U10 games that intend to limit head injuries during soccer participation.

Subsitution rules will allow players who may have suffered a concussion during games to be evaluated without penalty.


Current Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer Referee info can be found at: Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer Organization



Other referee facts or upgrading info found at: Massachusetts Referee State Committee



Please contact NU assignor or NVYSL assignor for higher level games